The S-Schwartz Natural Cosmetics Company is situated in the Northern dessert of The Israeli Negev, not far from where Cleopatra bathed in the rich minerals of the Dead Sea, and like the Greeks, Romans and Turks who lived in this land bathed and massaged their bodies in Olive Oil while sipping wine of the sweet vines from this Land of Milk and Honey, Founded in 1925 in Hungary the Company was reestablished and began expanding in 1965 by The Third Generation S.Schwartz, now owner and CEO Mr. Shlomo Schwartz.

Natural ingredients and S-Schwartz combine to create superior daily care products for the whole family with products used in the Mediterranean for thousands of years deriving from nature. For many years S-Schwartz focused primarily on family remedies marketed to the closed market: Shampoo and Hair Creams for Salons and the now-known natural organic depilatory Wax. 

Today S-Schwartz has its own Brand leading cosmetic lines for adults seeking healthy, natural based products. Additional products resulting from a unique innovated R&D department constantly developing new products to meet the market changes in fields other than for beauty, for example the range of disinfecting line.

With a world changing so rapidly, with a desire of people to feel nature without damaging it, we believe the future is in more Natural Organic elements. The definition of Organic and how to apply it to cosmetics is one that has been occupying our R&D department. For now we have made a great breakthrough in this field and present the organic Depilatory Line. We are close to the next Breakthrough in this field. New lines are constantly developing. Milk from different sources will be the next lines to complete a picture we have been working on for almost 40 years.

Dedicated to creating exemplary Middle Eastern Toiletries at their finest, we use only choice ingredients with a preference for those that are wholly natural. Each product has been distinctively designed and formulated as well as emotively fragranced to create a bath or body product to not only fit your lifestyle but enhance it. S.Schwartz has expanded from a family laboratory which began as a supplier according to demand for a market lacking, to a factory fully equipped to meet international standards. We are passionate about the products we make and feel sure that you need only try our products to experience hard work and love that goes into each bottle and jar.

All products qualify ISO 9002 Standards.

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